rolling shutters

Overhead Door Rolling Shutters

Rolling Shutters:

Our line of Overhead Door rolling shutters are ideal for retail applications, pharmacies, and areas with heavy traffic but minimal wear and tear. These manual shutters are crafted in lightweight aluminum so they are easy to open and close for most of your employees.


  • Secure: Designed to provide a secure option for your business.
  • Choose Your Style: Available in Standard, Fenestrated, and Perforated slat styles.
  • Aesthetic Options: Choose a metal or wood finish to complement your decor.
  • Color Choices: Options include: silver powder coated, bronze powder coated, white and almond.
  • Dependable Warranty: Comes with a limited 2-year warranty for all parts, components and PowderGuard® Premium powder coat finishes.

Our Service Area Suits Multiple Branches.

Our service area runs throughout the Shenandoah Valley, allowing us to provide strong support to businesses with multiple branches up and down the Shenandoah Valley. One point of contact expedites your requests for a quick turnaround on sales, installation, and repair. Keeping all parts and pieces of your business in one brand minimizes problems and keeps solutions simple and easy to implement.

Shenandoah Valley’s Source For Rolling Doors & Shutters.

Overhead Door Company of Shenandoah Valley ™ has a trusted reputation in our area for solid products and reliable service. Our clients come back to us again and again to provide the products and services we’ve been offering since 1986. We’re proud to have provided many of the rolling doors and shutters you see in area businesses. Ready to learn more? Contact a member of our team to discuss your options with one of our experienced professionals.

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high speed fabric and rubber doors

High-Speed Fabric & Rubber Doors

High-Speed Fabric & Rubber Doors:

At Overhead Door Company of Shenandoah Valley™, our high-speed doors keep industries and businesses operating efficiently. Our fabric and rubber doors are designed to withstand harsh conditions and heavy use. Strict safety measures ensure they’re appropriate for most applications.


  • Multiple Sizes: Available in a diversity of sizes depending on your needs.
  • Designed For Frequent Opening: All our high-speed doors are designed to withstand the wear and tear of regular openings.
  • Designed To Work Inside & Outside: Our fabric doors offer options for both interior and exterior use. Our rubber doors offer durability perfect for parking garages, food/beverage, mining, auto/transit, and manufacturing facilities.
  • Fast Performance: These doors are designed to open and close quickly with safety measures in place to minimize accidents.

Experienced Professionals Behind Each Job.

Our team offers significant experience to each job we quote, sell, install, and maintain. With an understanding of local industries in our area, you can count on smart recommendations when you work with Overhead Door Company of Shenandoah Valley ™. On the job quotations account for most elements of your installation so you can count on a stable price at our first visit. Learn more about the professionals who make up our team and gain peace of mind for your next investment.

Emergency Services You Can Depend On.

We know how vital your doors are to securing your facility and protecting your investments. We offer 24/7 emergency services to all of our residential and commercial clients. Give us a call, and we’ll schedule a visit to your facility asap. Need a repair, but it’s not an emergency. Give us a call and we’ll schedule a visit to your home or business.

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security grill

Overhead Door™ Security Grills

Security Grills:

We offer Overhead Door security grills in different sizes and styles to accommodate residential, commercial, and retail environments. Secure your facility with this smart, practical solution that keeps costs down.


  • Optional Configurations: We offer upward-coiling and side-folding grills for different applications.
  • Motorized Grills: Add a motor to upward-coiling grills for ease in opening.
  • Multiple Materials: Our grills are available in aluminum, stainless, or galvanized steel to work with your needs and budget.
  • Fire Retardant Options: While not available on all models, there are fire retardant options available.

Our Trained Team Recommends The Best Product For Your Job.

We’re proud of our team at Overhead Door Company of Shenandoah Valley™. We offer an employee stock ownership program (ESOP) to each person who joins our team. This investment builds enthusiasm and gives each team member ownership over the projects they sell or install. In-depth, on the job training with continuing education ensures we keep up with innovation in our industry.

Schedule Your Repair Service Online.

Doors, operators, and even accessories sometimes require repair to keep them functioning as intended. Our trained and experienced technicians analyze your setup and diagnose the problem. Most issues can be fixed on that initial visit. Give us a call to submit a repair request and we’ll schedule repair as soon as possible with a day and time that works best for you. Need emergency services? For an additional fee, we’ll visit your facility and get you up and running asap.

Our Service Area Has You Covered.

We sell, install, and service Overhead Door™ products and McGuire loading dock equipment in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. Our expansive service area means we have the team to work on multiple jobs and locations at one time. Contact a member of our team to learn more.

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fire rated doors

Fire-Rated Commercial Doors

Fire-Rated Doors:

Designed for both masonry and non-masonry applications, our fire-rated commercial doors come with UL or FM labels. We can accommodate different size openings including service doors and counter applications. These doors are ideal for factories, warehouses, mills, distribution centers, and parking garages. Each door is designed to shut automatically if there is a fire or armed event.


  • Diverse Styles: We offer fire-rated doors for locations where aesthetics matter and for areas where security is paramount.
  • Safety Options: Add the Fire Sentinel ® and the FireLite ® for additional safety measures to protect your business, employees, and clients.
  • Innovative Floor Reset System: Allows for easy testing and resetting without any additional tools.
  • Multiple Slat Styles: We offer a variety of slat options to accommodate your facility.
  • Labels: Most doors are available in labels up to 3 or 4 hours.

Regular Inspections Keep Your Fire Doors Ready.

We offer regular inspection and testing of all our fire doors to keep your facility safe and compliant. We’ll perform a visual and functional inspection, detail any issues, and resolve problems to keep your facility safe. Our preventative maintenance ensures all aspects of your door operate properly to extend their life and preserve your investment. Contact our team to schedule your next inspection.

Our Broad Service Area Has You Covered.

We offer our products and services to residential and commercial clients in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. From garage doors to operators and loading dock equipment, our experienced team provides excellent recommendations and reliable support throughout our relationship. Learn more about our team to get started and contact us to schedule your free consultation.

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counter doors

Counter Commercial Doors

Counter Doors:

Our Counter Doors are commercial doors ideal for smaller openings where security takes precedence over strength. Available with a metal curtain, wood curtain, or an integral frame, they work well for concession stands, cafeterias, pharmacies, and ticket windows. A broad range of colors allows you to coordinate your counter door to your facility, school colors, or decor. Indoor and outdoor options give you choices when it comes to choosing the door that works best for you.


  • Multiple Materials: Offered in easy-to-clean aluminum, steel, or stainless steel and rich wood finishes for various locations.
  • Food Safe: Our aluminum, galvanized, and stainless steel counter doors are rated for food prep areas.
  • Color Options: Over 200 RAL powder coated finishes are available to coordinate with your business or school colors.
  • Unbeatable Warranty: Our counter doors come with a 24-month limited warranty.

Onsite Quotations Gets You Accurate Pricing.

Our sales representatives visit your facility to take measurements and get a feel for the products and services you need. This visit ensures you get an accurate price you can use to make your decision. Ready to get started? Contact a member of our team to schedule your first free consultation.

Dependable Warranties From A Strong National Presence.

Overhead Door Company of Shenandoah Valley ™ is a local division of Overhead Door Corporation™. Overhead Door Corporation™ has been serving residential clients and business owners in the United States since 1924. Our commitment to high-quality products delivered with honest customer service is why we’ve remained a top choice in garage doors for 95 years. Contact a member of our team to learn more about our history, products, and services.

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rolling steel door

Rolling Steel Commercial Doors

Rolling Steel:

When side room and headroom are of concern, our rolling steel commercial doors offer an option to fit openings up to 1500 square feet. Available as a non-insulated or insulated door, these steel and aluminum options provide robust and reliable construction.


  • Multiple Materials: Offered in galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum with multiple gauges for varying durability and price points.
  • Computer Designed: Each option is computer designed for a precisely manufactured door that fits perfectly and operates smoothly.
  • Options To Meet Your Needs: Doors are designed for heavier, medium, and lighter duty needs so there’s an option for every application.
  • Slat Styles: Choose the slat style that works best for your industry.
  • Color Options: 200 colors are available in our rolling steel collection. All are powder coated for a long-lasting, durable finish.

Our Operators Are Powerful Enough For Any Door.

Our heavy duty operators are designed to power any size door when sized appropriately by one of our professionals. The RHX ® operator is available in a ½, ¾, 1, and 3 hp configuration and offers diverse mounting options to fit your application. It sufficiently powers any rolling steel door we sell.

We Provide Qualified Repair When You Need It.

From spring changes to the replacement of door sections, our experienced technicians make complete repairs to extend the life of your door. We analyze issues and provide practical solutions that respect your investment. Emergency services are available 24/7 when you need them most. Contact our team to get on our schedule for quick door repair for your home or business..

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commercial doors

Aluminum Glass Doors From Overhead Door

Aluminum Glass:

Designed for aesthetics our Aluminum Glass Collection from Overhead Door brings light into dark spaces. With a contemporary, but warm look, they’re ideal for fire stations, service stations, and retail facilities.


  • Worry-Free Operation: Thick aluminum sections are resistant to corrosion and galvanized hardware is designed to operate smoothly.
  • Sturdy Design: ¼” thick rods add strength and stability to stiles and rails.
  • Large Scale: All these doors can extend up to 26’2” wide x 20’1” tall.
  • Glazing Options: Choose from DSB glass, acrylic, tempered glass, clear polycarbonate, multi-wall polycarbonate, wire glass, Low E, Lexan, and laminate.
  • Open Manually or Electrically: A manual pull rope is available in conjunction with an electric motor operator.

We Build Relationships With Our Clients.

We respect your investment in your facility and are there for you through every phase of your door’s life. From the initial bid to repairs and maintenance, our dedicated sales representatives are only a call or email away. It’s our pledge to our clients and how we choose to operate our business.

Repairs & Emergency Services For All Our Clients.

We offer easy-to-schedule repairs and 24/7 emergency services to all our residential and commercial clients. Give us a call for emergency services and we’ll schedule our next visit to your business.

Need Additional Equipment?

Overhead Door Company of the Shenandoah Valley ™ offers loading dock equipment to help you move and store inventory. Our vehicle restraints, dock levelers and seals are built in America by industry leading McGuire. Contact a member of our team for pricing and availability.

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commercial thermacore insulated door

Overhead Door ™ Thermacore Insulated Doors

Thermacore Insulated:

At Overhead Door™, our fully-insulated doors are ideal for energy efficient facilities and locations requiring the bare minimum of air flow in and out of the facility. Enjoy added sound suppression for a quieter interior.


  • Thermal Efficiency: Polyurethane insulation and hot dipped galvanized steel create a door designed for improved efficiency.
  • Smooth Tracking: Our smooth galvanized track is designed to be tight and reliable.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Our baked-on finish withstands the elements and requires minimal maintenance to keep looking new.
  • Onsite Customization: This innovative design allows for on-site customization to expedite installation, replacement, and repairs.
  • Solid Steel Counterbalance: This feature reduces fatigue and deflection to the door.

Send Us Your Blueprints For Dependable Quotations.

We quote our doors based on in-person visits to your facilities or blueprints that you fax or email to us. Our sales reps will recommend the best door for your application and include all the operators and accessories to ensure it works for your set-up.

24/7 Emergency Service When You Need It Most.

We offer 24/7 emergency service to keep your doors running. Contact us to submit your emergency or standard request, and we’ll visit your facility as soon as possible. Leave a message if we’re not there and we’ll contact you to schedule an on-site visit.

Choose The Operator That Works For Your Project.

We offer a variety of light to heavy-duty operators to fuel your commercial door. Different mounting options ensure our options will work with your application. Our experienced professionals are available to recommend options for your next project. Contact us to get started.

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commercial sectional steel door

Sectional Steel Doors

Sectional Steel:

Our Overhead Door™ sectional steel doors offer multiple panel profiles, gauge options, track styles and hardware for a strong, reliable door option your business can depend on.


  • Multiple Gauges: Choose from 16, 20, or 24 gauge door panels depending on your facility needs.
  • Smooth Tracks: Our smooth galvanized track is designed for heavy use and stable performance.
  • Weather Resistant: PVC seals minimize air flow in and out of your space. A baked-on finish reduces the need to repaint, even in the harshest weather.
  • Increased Thermal Efficiency: Add on insulated steel doors for enhanced efficiency and R-values* of 7.35 (1.29 K m²/W)

We Offer Custom Solutions For Your Business.

Our sectional steel doors offer custom applications for clients looking for higher cycle springs or steel strutting for increased structural stability. Other options include electric and chain hoist operation, aluminum sash sections with a choice of DSB, acrylic, polycarbonate, tempered, or wire glazing, as well as movable center posts, 3” (76 mm) track, jamb seals.

Check Out Our Service Area.

Our expansive service area runs throughout the Shenandoah Valley. With sales reps available to take your call or answer your emails, your questions and concerns are addressed promptly. Contact us to schedule our next visit to your facility.

Jobsite Visits Are Scheduled Regularly.

When you work with Overhead Door Company of Shenandoah Valley™, you build a relationship with your dedicated customer service representative. Make a call or email your rep and we’ll visit you onsite to plan your next project or schedule your repair. Our experienced team handles all the details so you can depend on a solid performance from your Overhead Door™. Contact a member of our team to get started.

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